Our vision is to create an organization that will provide a voice for Georgia professional women and engage them in the political process to influence policy at all levels of government.


Our mission is to educate and inform Georgia professional women on the principles of limited government and free markets.  We believe that women entrepreneurs and professionals can best succeed in business when they are free from government restraint and excessive taxation.  We work to promote public policy that is pro-business and pro-growth through issue advocacy, research, training, and educational activities. 

Core Beliefs

We believe in limited government and free markets, and that prosperity and opportunity come from economic freedom, not increased government control.  We believe that these principles are furthered through:

  • Reducing current and limiting future government spending
  • Reforming entitlement programs
  • Simplifying the tax code to be fair to all individuals and businesses
  • Lowering corporate taxes to levels competitive with those of other countries
  • Increasing access to health care insurance and lowering health care costs through free market solutions
  • Devising free market solutions to achieve energy independence
  • Empowering future generations through education reform
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